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Warning: Don’t Hire a Speaker For Your Next Event Until You Read This
“Hiring a speaker can be tricky task because it can make or break an event, but there’s an easy solution”
You probably already know this, but the right speaker can make or break an event.  

If you were to hire a speaker for a political event… and you had the to choice between a girl scout and the president of the United States of America, who would you choose?

Exactly! …The girl scout of course! Now, I’m just teasing you. And I know that’s an extreme example, but it really illustrates the importance of having the right speaker at the right event. 
The Right Speaker Will Make ALL The Difference!
So how do you find the perfect speaker?

You can sort through hundreds of people, but here are vital things to look for…
  • Make sure they have experience
  • Make sure they are experts in their field
  • Make sure they are fun and engaging to listen to
  • Make sure other successful people stand behind them and their work
  • Make sure they do something other than just speaking (unless they are talking about public speaking or something similar)
I know I’ve danced around the point for the majority of this page so…
Let’s Get To The Point.
Caleb Maddix!

Caleb Maddix is a,
At 14 years old, Caleb Maddix is the face of the young entrepreneur’s movement. He helps kids and teens realize that age is just a number. 

In just one short year, he personally made over $100,000 from his businesses. 

$100,000 is a lot of money for anyone but 

…He’s only 14 years old! 

The even crazier thing… 

He’s on track to make $1,000,000 by the time he’s 15! Don’t believe me? Would you question Inc. magazine? Well… Thats is what Inc. magazine said! 

That’s not even mentioning the fact that he’s business partner swith the original shark from the television show, Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington who is the inventor of the infomercial and works alongside Russell Brunson—A world-renowned internet marketer and the founder of Click Funnels. 

Caleb has become so widely known in the entrepreneurial world that many of the most successful people on the planet are trying to contact him because he’s been featured in/by... 
  •    Forbs
  •    Entrepreneur Magazine 
  •    The Huffington Post
  •    Inc. Magazine
  •    Motivation Grind
  •    Grant Cardone TV
  •    Influencive
  •    Sunrise
  •    Salon Today
  •    Fox News
"Caleb Maddix, The Extraordinary 14-Year-Old Entrepreneur"
"Learning About Success in Business From a 
14-Year-Old Entrepreneur"
"Caleb Maddix is a huge entrepreneurial success"
"This 14-Year-Old Is On Track to Be a Millionaire in 2 Years"
"The Top 20 Most Motivational Influencers on the Planet"
"Every Adult Can Learn from Caleb Maddix"
"The Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30"
"He is a mini Tony Robbins"

"He’s confident and a perfect example of will"

"Keys to Success From a 14-Year-Old Entrepreneur"
Caleb also appeared on a national television show that had over 8 million viewers .

Caleb isn’t the typical story that mostly consists of hype. He is the real deal and he has the success to back it up. He is the…
CEO of Kids for Success
Although Caleb has a lot on his plate, one of his main focuses at the moment is Kids for Success. 

Kids for Success is a video subscription service that teaches kids that age is just a number and helps them begin their journey towards success now rather than later.

In Caleb’s mind, his impact is more important than his income. That’s one of reasons he chose to devote so much of his time and effort into his company.

After hearing dozens of life changing stories from kids and parents who watched his free content, he just knew that Kids for Success was the best tool for changing kids’ lives.

Behind him income, impact and fame is a deep-rooted story. His whole journey started when he wrote…
His Book

On top of all that, Caleb Maddix is a published author!

In fact, without his book who knows where he would be today. His book, Keys to Success for Kids, was his launching point.

For years, he wrote down the goal, “I will write a book when I’m 20.” One day it hit him...

“Why can’t I write a book now?” 

And that was his defining moment. 30 days later, at the ripe old age of 12, he had his book, Keys to Success for Kids.

1000’s of copies were shipped out and he became an “overnight success”

His book, his company… their both about helping kids. Caleb trying to change as many lives as possible. In fact, that’s why he also does...
Caleb Maddix is obsessed with speaking .

Despite his massive accomplishments, he still stays true to his foundation.

That’s why Caleb has fallen in love with speaking.

It’s a chance for him to share… inspire… and give back to his community.

Caleb Maddix has done some small speaking events and is kinda’ ok at it…

I’m just messing with you!

Caleb Maddix has shared the stage with other GREATS.
Tony Robbins
The Legend Himself
Gary Vaynerchuck
Author of "Crush It" and 
CEO of Vayner Media
Darren Hardy
Former Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine
Kevin Harrington
Inventor of the infomercial and the original shark on ABC's Shark Tank
Jack Canfield
Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and "The Success Principles"
Brian Tracy
Author of over 70 books 
and world known speaker
Because of his raw motivation and ability to change lives through short encounters, he has quickly been granted the title, "The Next Tony Robbins" 

He alone has helped multiple kids who were contemplating suicide turn their life around and get, not just back on track, but ahead of the game.

Questioning Caleb’s ability to motivate people?

This will convince you:

Caleb was also voted in "2016's Top 20 Most Motivational Influencers on the Planet." So if you have an event that has anything to do with
  •    Motivation
  •    Entrepreneurship
  •    Success
  •    Leadership
Or anything similar,

Then Caleb Maddix is the perfect speaker for your next event!

Who knows… hiring him might make or break the entire event… 

Ok, ok, not hiring him probably wont “break” your event… but it definitely will MAKE it one to remember.

When you hire Caleb to speak, your event will be unforgettable!
Here’s What You Need To
Do Now
Caleb is EXTREMELY busy!

He’s trying to balance high school, friends, family as well as being the CEO of a 6-figure company.

When you throw speaking on top of that, things start to get crazy. 

But he loves doing it and he would love to help you out by speaking at your next event.

So if you have any interest in hiring Caleb to speak at you next event, or even if you’re not sure, just click the button below. There’s NO obligation after contacting him, but he likes to have a heads up.

So just click the button below
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